Join Right Pundits as we watch the International Olympic Committee announce which city will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The final host cities are Chicago, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid, all of which are fantastic venues. Of course, Chicago is getting personal and sending their own favorite son, President Obama, to make a personal pitch to bring the games to Chicago. As you can imagine, this has not made Brazil very happy and they are going on the offensive as they have lodged an official complaint with the IOC.

Brazil is so gung-ho about this whole thing that they have declared Friday to be an official holiday as the whole country waits with bated breath to see if South America might finally get to host the Olympics. In fact, Brazil is the largest economy to have never hosted an Olympics games. The one big hit against Rio is it’s security, which is also why Brazil has never been selected to host the games, although I think things are much better now then they have ever been.

Chicago’s biggest weakness is the fact that support for the games amongst it’s citizens is tepid at best. Only about half of the population even wants the games there in the first place, this is something the IOC takes personally I know. I lived in Salt Lake City during their bid process and the games themselves and I think the fact that most of the people there were so rabidly in favor and ecstatic about hosting the games, this went a long way (plus we gave the IOC free guns, hookers and hotel rooms). Also, I think the fact that America has so recently hosted the Olympics will count against them, remember the summer games were in Atlanta in ’96 and the winter games in Salt Lake City in 2004, so that will hurt Chicago as the IOC likes to mix it up.

So, we’ll see how it all shakes out, but please join as we will have live blogging and live video of the announcement tomorrow, which should start at about noon Eastern.

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