Today Obama is expected to make remarks regarding today’s Iran nuclear discussion in which the United States personally took place in for the first time since the Islamic Revolution. So, what was accomplished in today’s important discussions? As Michelle Malkin states, Iran got taken to the Woodshed and agrees to . . . more talks! So, finally we see the vaunted “smart diplomacy” at work, talk talk talk.

Iranian state television later reported that the negotiators for the seven nations agreed to hold further talks before the end of October.
Western diplomat sources confirmed such an announcement was planned and said preparations were also underway for the International Atomic Energy Agency to visit Iran’s new enrichment facility near Qom before the next meeting takes place.

In the first such high-level talks between Washington and Tehran in years, the chief U.S. negotiator, Undersecretary of State William J. Burns, had a private discussion with his Iranian counterpart, Saeed Jalili, during the morning session of the conference, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said. He said he could not immediately offer any additional details. The meeting, which took place as the other delegations were getting ready for lunch, lasted 30 minutes, a Western diplomat said.

So, the more things change the more they stay the exact same. Obama has no real plan for what to do in Iran, but Iran has a plan for Iran. Their plan goes something like this. They know that Western powers have no desire or ability to stand up to them. They know that they have been able to delay and delay and stall and stall for the past 5 years or so and we’ve done exactly nothing to stop them from developing weaponized uranium. So, they know that if they just keep teasing us with talks, putting them off a bit further and a bit further, then eventually they’ll just be able to test a nuke and then it will be too late. This is exactly what North Korea did and when they did test their bomb there was nothing we could do, it was too late.

So, it’s a good plan, from Iran’s point of view.

You can watch Obama’s remarks live here, if you care: