Democratic Representative Alan Grayson took to the House floor on Tuesday armed with what he calls the Republican healthcare plan. Grayson, representing the Orlando area of Florida, said that the Republican plan for healthcare was this: Don’t get sick and if you do get sick, die quickly.

419px Alan Grayson

House Republicans are calling on Rep. Alan Grayson to apologize for his offensive remarks, of course liberals are defending Grayson’s outlandish claims. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked at her Thursday press conference about Grayson’s remarks and whether or not he should apologize. This is what she said:

“There’s no more reason for Mr. Grayson to apologize. If anybody is going to apologize, everybody should apologize,” Mrs. Pelosi said. “But let’s — the point has been made. It’s time for us to talk about health care.”

Yes Nancy, Mr. Grayson shouldn’t apologize. You agree with him after all. Let Joe Wilson call the President a liar and all of a sudden liberals scream about the lack of civility on the Republican side of the healthcare debate. Let a lunatic congressman from Florida say that all Republicans want Americans to “die quickly” and it’s okay. House Minority Leader John Boehner deferred any type of reprimand to the House Speaker, saying it was her responsibility to “reign in her members”.

Of course the “die quickly” comments were outrageous and ludicrous, but as rhetoric from liberals often goes, that wasn’t the end for Alan Grayson. He had a much more offensive and over the top statement to make.

Alan Grayson compared those “dying without healthcare” to the holocaust. Seriously, do we really have to have this conversation in America in 2009? A United States Congressman actually has the audacity to compare a disputed amount of people dying without health insurance to the holocaust.

For people without healthcare to some extent it’s a choice, yes there are those without healthcare who have no choice, but to some it is a choice. There is no hard evidence to back up a claim that folks are dying because they have no health insurance. This claim is absolutely ridiculous.

The holocaust was the attempted annihilation of a people. To claim that someone who has no health insurance is in the same predicament as Jews during World War II is just simply inexcusable and obscene.

Alan Grayson owes the Republicans in the House an apology for sure for his “die quickly” statement. But he should be on his knees begging the Jewish community for forgiveness most of all. You should be ashamed Rep. Grayson.