The Michigan Department of Human Services, acting very much like a department of inhuman services, issued a warning to Lisa Snyder for watching three fellow mom’s kids before school. They say that if Mrs. Snyder continues to take the neighborhood kids in before school, she’ll be violating the same law as unlicensed daycare providers.

No this isn’t a fictitious story; although with liberal lunacy and bureaucracy, fiction and reality are getting harder and harder to determine. Lisa Snyder, a 35 year old mother of a first grader, helps her neighbors out in the mornings before school by watching the kids until the bus comes.

A Michigan law states that you can’t care for a child not in your family for more than four weeks during a calendar year. So, according to that statute, Mrs. Snyder is breaking the law. But common sense says that law is arcane and draconian.

How many of us live in a neighborhood where one mother tried to help others out by watching their kids for an hour or two? I’d venture to say many of us have known that mom. I’d say many of you are that mom. So what’s up with Michigan?

Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm says that the agency is just following procedure, but she acknowledges that the law is absent of common sense. Granholms spokeswoman said:

“We want to protect kids, but the law needs to be reasonable,” she said. “When the governor learned of this, she acted quickly and called the director personally to ask him to intervene.”

Then there’s the question of who ratted her out? Who actually called officials and told them that Mrs. Snyder was running an unauthorized daycare out of her home? Michigan has been in a recession way before the rest of the country. You’d think that it would be viewed favorably, a woman allowing her neighbors to work and be productive in a state that has missed its fair share.

This is a great illustration of the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of bureaucracies; a woman simply helping her neighbors by watching their kids, has the full force of a bureaucracy thrust upon her for no apparent reason. Common sense people, please.

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