Congratulations to the winners of Right Pundits’ monthly commenting contest. We are awarding prizes again to the most prolific commenters who manage to sneak their words past our onerous filters, plus making a contribution to the RNC and another worthy cause.

comment winners
LisaB, Rhayader, and Micky Celebrate Victory!

1. LisaB – $300
2. Rhayader – $200
3. Micky – $100

Also rans:

4. Brian – well done!
5. Flying Monkey – well done!
6. Charles – well done!

Collect your prize by emailing us (address in sidebar page). Verify yourself by identifying the email address you used during commenting. Must accept PayPal! Must be US resident, over 18 years of age, and living in a state that allows this sort of thing.

Last month LisaB generously donated her winnings to Life 2 Orphans, a worthy cause. Brian failed to claim his prize.

Right Pundits is also donating two-cents-per-comment for our 3807 comments in September, for a total of $76.14 to the RNC. We are making a matching donation of $76.14 to Life 4 Orphans. Good for us, and good for you!

When you are done whopping it up, please use the comments to tell us how to improve the blog. Or talk about what you like as this is an open topic thread.