Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather had his lawsuit against his old employer thrown out today by an appeals court in New York. Rather was suing CBS for breach of contract after the 2004 fiasco in which Dan Rather reported an untrue story about George W. Bush based on false documents.

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Dan Rather never at a loss for the dramatic, quit the CBS evening news in May of 2005. He continued reporting for 60 minutes until finally being terminated completely. Although Rather sued for breach of contract, CBS continued to pay Danny boy about $6 million dollars a year until June 2006.

According to the ruling and Rather’s contract, CBS had no obligation to use Rather as long as they paid him his full salary. Wish I had a job like that. Rather and his lawyers plan on appealing the decision.

CBS officials were completely satisfied with the ruling saying “it appears to be a total victory”, Rather has been a thorn in the side of CBS news since the Rathergate incident when false documents were used to try and swing the 2004 election John Kerry’s way.

One thing driving Rather is the allegation that Viacom and the corporate world have too much influence in the mainstream news. He feels that CBS was just trying to appease Viacom and the White House by making him the fall guy after the Bush National Guard service story.

Once Bush had won re-election, CBS was in a no win situation with the story, the political implications were huge. A made up story about the Commander and Chiefs military record meant to unseat him, had backfired. But Rather was sticking to the story, still is. Although Dan Rather apologized for the National Guard story, he is now saying that he was forced to apologize by CBS.

Last week, a New York Supreme Court Justice hearing motions on the case had ruled that Rather could depose Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone. The appellate court, in a unanimous decision wrote that the Justice had erred in allowing Rather to pursue his allegations against CBS.

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