Given that Barry Obama was elected President last November and took the oath of office in January, I have to wonder when he will start acting like the President. He is on television everyday talking about some solution in search of a crisis. He travels the world campaigning for the un-official office of World President. When will Mr. Obama become president? The answer is never because of his ego. It is larger than he is and gets in the way. He lack the humility it takes to be president.

Last week he took the spotlight at both the U.N. and the G20 Summit. This is a man consumed with himself. He wants to the first at everything. Yet in all his months in office, he has failed to show any leadership. He did not condemn Iran for its nuclear program until the a second secret site was revealed. Nor did he speak out against the ramblings of Omar Kadafi’s speech to the U. N. But then again Kadafi did say, “We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever President of America”. And so would Obama and that may be his goal.

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Barry H. Obama. All Ego and no Humility.

Obama is good at one thing. Talking and campaigning. He can fire up his base with talk about fixing first one thing and then another. And he does it without a plan or an idea how to fix anything. He is clearly performing his duties as president in the mode of community organizer. Otherwise he would have actually accomplished something in the last nine months other then be on television every day.

When his first real crisis came back in April when an American cargo ship was hijacked off the coast of Somali, Mr. Obama took days to give the order to fire even through the U. S. Navy was there and had the varmints in their sights. No tough talk. I am sure he had to check with the U.N. first.

He spent the summer campaigning for healthcare reform without even a hint of a plan. But that did not stop him from talking about how bad our healthcare is and how many people die because they don’t get proper healthcare. All lies by the way. Walk into any hospital in America and you will be treated regardless of your ability to pay for services. All he did was insult the medical professionals who work long hours and see both the good and the bad in people. Then after the media began to ask what his plan was, he came up with one but changed it to be health insurance reform instead of health care. So which is it Mr. Obama?

Now he is going to Denmark with the U. S. Olympic Delegation lead by his wife, Michelle to pitch Chicago as host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Why? So again he can be the first president to do so. This means million of dollars for Chicago and is his way of paying back the political machine there for aiding his quick rise from street organizer to President.

Surely there are more important things to do given we are in a recession and unemployment is at a 26 year high of 10%. And especially since he campaigned on the lie that we are facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and doom and gloom is all about. Yet he is busy repaying his ACORN and Community Organizer comrades by naming them as Czars and allowing them to spend billions of our dollars with no congressional oversight.

He is playing by his own rules and is more interested in looking like a president the being a president. But that is okay with his base because they don’t want true leadership. They like Obama not serving the best interest of the America but rather what benefits them.

True Leaders make tough and unpopular decisions that are later proved to be right by history. Obama is no leader. He has no actions for all his fancy speeches. He is saying what the people that elected him want to hear even through surely they know he can’t fulfill their wishes and desires.

He is a one term president and will be a lamb duck after the 2010 elections. All his hype is nothing more than empty words and empty promises to a bunch of empty headed liberals who hate America as much as they hate conservatives. When Will Mr. Obama Become President? Only on paper in the history books.