Today we might see a little blue on blue violence, we’ll hope at least. Today the Senate Finance Committee is meeting to mark-up or debate and vote on the health-care bill. Specifically whether or not to add a so-called public option to Obamacare. You can watch the live debate below.

Currently the public plan is not expected to get a majority of the Committee’s support. If it somehow does, then we’re all in trouble. However, likely, this will be a good chance to see the moderate Democrats take a swipe at this and maybe the awful leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at the same time. In fact the Chairman of the committee, Max Baucus, is said to be “luke-warm” if not actually hostile to the public option. The obvious reason for this is that Montana is strongly against the public option, as are 59% of all American’s now.

I think it’s somewhat hilarious that the further this plan goes down in the polls, the more defiant and idiotic Reid and Pelosi become. Pelosi has sworn to push this through no matter what, and she might be able to do that in the House. The big problem is, Harry Reid is losing to two different challengers in the re-election polls in his own state right now, and pushing through something very unpopular is not going to endear him to the voters. That is why, I think it is very unlikely that we will see him use this reconciliation process to pass the bill, it would be the death of his career (actually, maybe it’s worth some socialized medicine to get rid of Reid).

It’s not too late, call your senators and make sure they know your opinion. I used to work for Sen. Paul Simon and I can tell you for a fact that they monitor the calls and letters, but especially the calls. You can still change votes, especially for those that might be on the fence. Get to work!