All hell is about to bust loose in the Middle East with Iran firing test missiles in recent days and Obama is playing Santa Claus. Iran has dared the United States and our allies to prevent them from developing Nuclear weapons. If they do develop them they would be able to strike not only Israel but our military bases in the region and parts of Europe. And what is Barry H. Obama focused on? VOTES. Yes, votes.

What better way to insure another generation of Democrat voters than with free healthcare. FDR did it with Social Security. LBJ did it with Welfare and now BHO is trying it with Healthcare. Obama’s way of dealing with Iran is to apply economic and diplomatic pressures. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she doesn’t believe Iran can convince the U.S. and other world powers that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. They are counting on the people of Iran to collapse the government from the inside. That would work if Iranians had freedom.

santa claus christmas

Obama Claus

And then today it is reported that Obama is headed to Denmark this week to push for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. First Lady Michelle is leading the U. S. delegation to the Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, Denmark. And yet again BHO will be the first U. S. President to take such a direct role in lobbying for the Olympic event.
“President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama symbolize the hope, opportunity and inspiration that makes Chicago great, and we are honored to have two of our city’s most accomplished residents leading our delegation in Copenhagen,” Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said in a statement. Please excuse me while I hurl. This is nothing but pay back to the Chicago mob for BHO’s quick rise from a community organizer to President of the United States.

It really is all about Obama in his mind at least. Hey Mr. President why not stay here and work to help small businesses create jobs and put the 10% unemployed back to work instead of stroking your own ego.

On the Healthcare front Congressional Democrats are saying it’s unfair to bar illegal immigrants from taking part in a government-sponsored exchange. Regardless of how long they’ve been in the United States, illegal immigrants should be able to get government-subsidized health care if they meet the other eligibility requirements. First eligibility should be Citizenship but why worry about a little think like that. This is in line with the Obama healthcare plan. Remember his reform is about votes not healthcare. Next will be allowing illegal’s to legally vote.

And now Obama is wanting American school students to spend longer hours in school and less time on summer vacation. Why? Because he says our kids spend too little time in school and that is giving them a disadvantage with other students around the world. Pardon me, but isn’t this a local issue and does anyone really want the president deciding this?

This President is interested in warping the minds of the current generation that he and the Democrats care about them by giving them free healthcare, free college and convincing them that the government is the answer to all of life’s troubles. All hell is about to blow in the Middle East and Obama is playing Santa Claus.