More saber rattling from the Islamic Republic of Iran as they test fired short range missiles that could conceivably hit Israel as well as U.S. interests in the Gulf region. Iran test fired the Shahab 3 missile which has a reported range of 2,000 km.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iran seemingly loves the media spotlight; one day after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his speech to the U.N. General Assembly, it was determined that Iran had a second nuclear facility in operation that had not been approved by the IAEA. Of course Iran says the facility and their nuclear ambitions are for electricity.

There has been speculation of a possible Israeli attack on the known Iranian nuclear facility prompting hand wringing by those opposed to Israel defending itself. Even former NSA to Carter, Zbigniew Brezinski said that the United States should shoot down Israeli jets that cross over Iraqi airspace on their way to Iran.

Now with the revelation of a second nuclear facility, short range missiles that could strike Israel, and continued defiance of U.N. mandates, Iran is clearly pushing the free world to make a move. The Iranian revolutionary guard conducted war games as well, at the same time the missiles were being tested.

The Iranians are about to begin talks with the U.N. Security Council 5 member nations as well as Germany concerning their nuclear ambitions. The missile tests come at an inopportune time for the United States as well as the other nations dealing with the hostile Iranian regime.

Barack Obama warned Iran that tougher sanctions could be on the way (seeing that the others have worked so well) if Iran doesn’t comply with U.N. resolutions. Obama still seems to believe that Iran can be negotiated with, it’s obvious they can’t.

Iran has been dishonest concerning its nuclear ambitions from the beginning. When Barack Obama decided to scrap a missile defense shield in Poland, the Iranian Regime seemed to be emboldened. They have been acting up ever since the announcement came of the defense systems demise.

Iran, as usual, is trying to turn the conversation back on anyone who would oppose their desire to have nuclear power. They warn ahead of the nuclear talks that the U.S. and Israel as well as the western world’s uproar over the missile tests and illegal nuclear facility would negatively affect the talks.

Meaning they have no intentions of a positive outcome outside of the six nations completely giving in to their demands and desires for a functional nuclear facility. Iran is a very dangerous, ticking time bomb.

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