On his second day in office, Barack Obama promised his leftist anti-war base that Gitmo, the place of horrible torture for poor little terrorists, would be closed within a year. Well now it seems you can add the closing of Gitmo to the growing list of broken promises by the incompetent Obama administration. We have Guantanamo Bay photos, a map, and video below.

guantanamo bay aerial

Barack Obama is now admitting that he won’t be able to meet his deadline of closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility by January of 2010. You remember I’m sure. It was a promise made through executive order and in great bravado – appeasing those who put him in office. But it was made without much knowledge or clear thinking it seems. Many people right off the bat not only said the idea was foolish but also logistically impossible. Well it seems they were right and Obama wrong. Now that the Guantanamo closing may be delayed, it’s a deadline that many of us are quite happy he can’t meet because keeping Guantanamo Bay open, keeps the nation safer.

This is from the AP:

WASHINGTON — The White House acknowledged for the first time Friday that it might not be able to close the U.S. military prison at Guant├ínamo Bay by January as President Barack Obama has promised.

Senior administration officials told The Associated Press that difficulties in completing the lengthy review of detainee files and resolving thorny legal and logistical questions mean the president’s self-imposed January deadline may slip. Obama remains as committed to closing the facility as he was when, as one of his first acts in office, he pledged to shut it down, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to more freely discuss the sensitive issue. They said the White House still was hoping to meet the deadline through a stepped-up effort.

When Barack Obama made his promise to close Guantanamo Bay, he didn’t even have a plan in place. It was simply politics: the perpetual candidate, re-hashing his promises. And here’s the rub: not only will he not be able to close it on time, it will remain open indefinitely until details can be solidified.

Gitmo, whether the anti-war left likes it or not, was created for a very important national security purpose. It is a state of the art prison where Taliban and foreign fighters captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the War on Terror were held after September 11th. All during the Bush Administration, it was the leftists and their lapdogs in congress favorite bully pulpit. Over the years, terrorists have come and gone and now Gitmo still holds approximately 225 of the most dangerous among them including the 9/11 planners.

Even though the “I’m closing Gitmo!” line is a big favorite of The One to use repeatedly on his base (he even used it this past week at the UN) there are still some very big problems not yet worked out. With only 4 months to the deadline, a few significant issues include the establishment of a new set of rules for military trials, finding a location for a new prison to house detainees, and finding host countries for those who can be released.

Congress is – for now – refusing Obama his funds to shut down Guantanamo. Republicans want the prison to stay open because clearly its too dangerous to house these terrorists in American prisons. The Dems, feeling heat from their districts, want “more information” about Obama’s plan, before they buy in. Chickens.

It may be quite a shock for him, but at some point, Obama has to come to the realization that campaigning and governing are two very different things. In the real world, people create plans first, and then figure out the deadlines. From the stimulus, the health-care overhaul, cap and trade, auto industy bailouts, and now the announcement that the Guantanamo closing may be delayed, Obama’s habit of making huge, far-reaching goals with little or no real plans only reinforces the growing incompetence that will be the hallmark of his administration. You can see photos, map, and video below of Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility.

map of guantanamo bay
Map of Guantanamo Bay

guantanamo bay aerial guantanamo bay cell guantanamo bay camp delta
Guantanamo Bay Photos

“Gitmo will not be closed by next year” Video