It is just so inspiring that the President of the United States let the world know that he plans on slashing America’s nuclear arsenal. I know we all have to be inspired by that. Right? Well, certainly Iran, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea and any and everyone else that wishes the United States to disappear in an atomic mist is inspired. So inspired, they are emboldened in a way that they are practically bragging to the world about the weapons they’ve been developing in secret all these years.

Nuclear Peace Love

It looks like we might be in for a bumpy ride in the fairly near future. That is unless, of course, you actually believe that Obama is a strong world leader and strikes fear in the hearts and minds of our enemies. If you don’t think that – I don’t mean as you parrot your talking points of the day, but deep down in your gut where your know the truth in your heart of hearts – then you might be just a little shaken while we all watch as the conflicts in the world are escalating at an alarming rate. The escalations in conflicts throughout the world have taken on dire dimensions and are marching steadily to the very brink of nuclear holocaust.

Am I over-stating the danger? I don’t think so, but you be the judge.

Apparently, Obama’s world view is that of the infamous Rodney King, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’. Its one thing for a guy in Los Angeles to make a statement like that, its an entirely other thing when the President of the United States operates under that premise. In order to ‘get along’, he has thrown most of our allies under the proverbial bus, forcing them to look at how to defend themselves more effective. For instance, Brazil has decided it’s a good idea for them to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Both Japan and Germany are re-building their armies after having them removed following World War II. Israel is having to make decisions that will determine their very existence. Eastern European former Soviet Bloc countries are frightened for their very lives and the list goes on and on and on.

And now he has told the world he will disarm the United States. Now that should take care of everything! You see, if your world view is that the United States is the ‘bad guy’, then disarming makes sense. If we aren’t a ‘threat’ to the rest of the world then they will all disarm and we’ll all get along and there will be rainbows and unicorns for everybody!

Not to worry. Obama is handling it all. Remember, his first act as President was to give a speech to the Iranian people through Al-jazeera, encouraging them to get along with us. The Iranian people revolted against their government and Obama turned a blind eye. They are still being persecuted and murdered. Remember Nada? Maybe they thought the American President actually meant what he said. They couldn’t have known that he is long on words and short on action.

Yes, Obama had the whole Iranian thing fixed from the beginning of his Presidency. But that fix doesn’t seem to be holding. He announced he is disarming the United States. Now, THAT will reassure everyone, right? Well, it seems to be just emboldening our enemies.

Now we find ourselves in a nuclear standoff with Iran who has suddenly found the gumption to admit they’ve been doing a bit more with nuclear fusion than they previously admitted. They also are demurring on the notion that they should let weapons inspectors in to take a look at the previously undisclosed plant. He was downright dismissive and threatening of Obama, as though he has no power at all. Does he understand something that the left of our country has yet to accept?

Iran is apparently proficient enough at all of this that they are helping Venezuela detect uranium deposits. Reportedly, they are as flush with uranium as they are oil.

Apparently, the U.N. will now have to write even more sternly worded letters to all the rouge world leaders. They might even have to deepen the scowls on their faces while they shake their heads in disapproval.

So …. do you feel safer knowing that the United States is disarming?