Radio personality Rush Limbaugh appeared on The Jay Leno Show last night and gave some lessons in politics to Leno and his audience. When Leno asked Limbaugh about the rumor that he is ‘polarizing’, Limbaugh accurately pointed out that he isn’t at all, the people who listen to him agree with him. You can see the video below.

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The chat between Rush Limbaugh and Jay Leno was more of a debate than the usual talk show chit-chat. Limbaugh, never at a loss for words, proved once again how well versed he is in all things political. Limbaugh got applause and boos in pretty much equal measure as he explained how the Obama administration is increasingly taking over the lives of the people. Leno attempted to defend the government’s multiple programs to redistribute wealth, but was met with fact-based arguments at every turn. Leno seems to attempt to stay in the middle of these issues most of the time and was vastly out-manned in this interview.

It made for an interesting interview. It also made for great television when Rush accepted Jay’s ‘Green Car Challenge’. The challenged had to do with going through an obstacle course in an electric version of the Ford Focus. Al Gore was one of the obstacles (isn’t he always!), so Rush ran over the Gore dummy, backed up and ran over him again. Great television! A lot of people have enjoyed that video.

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Here’s the video of Rush Limbaugh on Leno. Enjoy :)

Rush Limbaugh on Leno – Video

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