A day after making a speech in which he scolded Iran and North Korea for pursuing nuclear weapons, President Barry H. Obama presided over a Security Council summit calling for all world leaders to rid the world of nuclear power. To which he said, “We now face proliferation of a scope and complexity that demands new strategies and new approaches.” Translated-This sounds very Presidential. Too bad I didn’t know how complex the job of president was and I have no new strategies or approaches.

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The Missing U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Obama took on the job of presiding over the summit usually done by the Secretary of State. That position is held by former first lady and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton but who would know. Obama the Community Organizer in Chief is now apparently serving as both POTUS and SOS. What would have been the reaction by the media had Reagan or either Bush’s done this.

Especially after Obama gets praises from the likes of Castro, Muommar al-Qaddafi and the Russians to name a few for his speech. But he gets a pass by the media because they agree with them also.

After the resolution passed Obama said, “The historic resolution we just adopted enshrines our shared commitment to a goal of a world without nuclear weapons. And it brings Security Council agreement on a broad framework for action to reduce nuclear dangers as we work toward that goal.” Translated-I know this will never happen but I made history—Again. I will be enshrined in the hearts and minds of the brain dead. Broad framework, I like being as broad as possible. Action. Smacktion. I can be on both sides of an issue at the same time and no one cares.

So where the heck was Hillary Rodham Clinton? Maybe she was taking lunch orders. She did speak to reporters after the meeting. She repeated a written statement that warned Iran to come to the October 1 meeting in Geneva to discuss Iran’s suspected plans to obtain nuclear weapons. Iran maintains there will be no negotiation over uranium enrichment and that its nuclear ambitions are for peaceful, civilian use. But the leaders at the U.N. remain unconvinced. If only Iran had oil reserves there would no need for nuclear power.

Clinton said Iran must be “ready to engage in substantive discussions.” The next step, she said, “depends on Iran’s response.” She did not give any details (Obama will make that up as he goes) as what the next step would be. But she stressed there would be consequences if Iran fails for show progress.

But now that Obama has led the U. N. to adopt the resolution to rid the world of nuclear weapons, no doubt Iran is at this moment dismantling its nuclear program. They are so civilized there and want nothing more than peace in the Middle East. And they fear the next step will be ashtrays and lamps hurled at them by S.O.S Clinton.