Mohamed Abderraman, managed to get 2 loaded pistols on board a Boeing 737 yesterday in the northern African nation of Mauritanian. Abderraman then seized the plane soon after take-off and demanded to be flown to France. Unfortunately for the hijacker Mohamed, Ahmedou Mohamed Lemine, the plane’s pilot, had a different plan in mind.

At some point during the event, the pilot realized that the hijacker did not speak French, so the pilot was able to tell the other passengers on board (via the intercom system) that he was going to land the plane in the Spanish Canary Islands especially rough in order to throw the hijacker off balance. The pilot then called upon the male passengers and crew to rush the cockpit and take the hijacker down.

The hijacker, who was standing in the middle aisle, fell to the floor when the pilot hit the brakes, dropping one of his two pistols. Abdurrahman was then hit in his face and chest with boiling water from a coffee machine before being swarmed by several passengers.