A lot of people have acted like they felt people were over-reacting to the recent Obama speech to school children across the nation. What’s the big deal? Other presidents have done it. So what? What harm can it do?

Well, there are a couple of problems with it. One is that people don’t trust Obama and what he may say. Another is that people are concerned that his avid followers in the school system will use the speech as a spring board for further indoctrination of our country’s children.

Still another problem is that there has been a pattern of indoctrination-type situations with school children that is eerily reminiscent of 1930’s Germany.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with history and historical events, let me give you a down and dirty quick rundown of how Hitler took power in Germany in the 1930s. He didn’t just walk up to the government buildings, take over and immediately start mass murdering any and all he didn’t like or who disagreed with him. He started with a local ‘grass roots’ type campaign. Him and a few of his closest sociopathic friends (and a few idealists who thought they’d found a new messiah), started speaking in the beer halls around Munich. They gradually gained a following and ever so gradually started bullying, strong arming and silencing people who didn’t agree with them. They did this till people stopped confronting them and just quietly grumbled, many hoping he’d just go away. The average person certainly would have never thought what happened would happen.

He gradually built up his following and making his enemies disappear – or intimidating them into silence. Sound familiar? Things went along and most people just kept going about their daily lives, not paying much attention to politics and the loud-mouthed Austrian with a chip on his shoulder. But Hitler was eloquent in his speeches. He spoke often and loudly. He didn’t tell people what his intentions were. He told them he was going to return Germany to it’s former glory. He was going to take all their troubles and wipe them away. People got really excited about that. They wanted hope and they wanted change. Things hadn’t been good for them since they lost World War I and they needed something to hold onto. Hitler offered them hope and change.

All of this didn’t happen over night. It happened over time. Slowly and insidiously the changes crept into the lives of the German people. The German people aren’t innately bad people, but they wanted to pull out of the economic disaster they were left with following World War I and they closed their eyes and ears to the realities that started unfolding before them. It was so insidious that the realities were inescapable before they realized what was happening.

One of the things that Hitler did was have people start swearing allegiance to him rather than to the country. The entire nation began to revolve around on man – Hitler. One of his methods was indoctrination of the youth. It started in schools. It looked innocent enough on the surface, but it had a very dark agenda. School children were taught songs praising Hitler and eventually required to participate in his youth corp. Sound familiar? Back then they called them ‘Hitler Youth’. Now Obama is saying he plans to require all the youth of the country to serve him. Remember, Michelle Obama said that Obama won’t LET you not do community service.

And so, when those of us who study history see videos like the one below, it chills us to the bone. It is decidedly reminiscent of the indoctrination techniques that took place in 1930s Germany.

Oh, and another thing. Does it bother anyone else that they use part of the childrens’ Christian song Jesus Loves the Little Children as part of their rap in praise to Obama. They just replace ‘Jesus’ with ‘Obama’. That’s really over the top. Don’t you think?

Here’s the video. What do you think?

Obama Youth Indoctrination Video