The AP is reporting the hanging death of a census worker in rural Kentucky. The report says that the man was found hanging near a cemetery with the word “fed” written on his body. The FBI is investigating whether or not the man’s death was murder or suicide.

census bureau seal

The U.S. Census Bureau has stopped all door to door operations pending the outcome of the investigation. The name of the victim is Bill Sparkman, a part-time census worker and teacher. His truck was found near the area where he was working with a computer inside that he used for work.

The question has already been asked by investigators, if this was a killing, was it due to anti-government sentiment or just the simple fact that Sparkman worked for the government. The U.S. Census has been the subject of much scrutiny for the last several months due to groups such as ACORN being involved. The Census Bureau has severed ties with ACORN.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s office put out a report in the spring warning of a resurgence in “right-wing” terrorist activity. One can only hope that this isolated incident will not result in those who speak out against the government being lumped in with a killer.

Bill Sparkman, 51 years old, had worked for the Census Bureau since 2003. Often working in the county that his body was found.
Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said in a statement:

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our co-worker,” “Our thoughts and prayers are with William Sparkman’s son, other family and friends.”

The FBI and Kentucky State Police are conducting a joint investigation into the Census worker’s death. We’ll keep you informed as more information develops in this case.