As he was attempting to board a flight to Italy, Hassan Nemazee was arrested by U.S. officials who have charged the Obama, Clinton donor with bank fraud. Hassan Nemazee allegedly defrauded Bank of America, Citibank and HSBC out of more than $290 million dollars.

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Hassan Nemazee donates about $100,000 dollars annually to democratic candidates at various state and national levels, including former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Nemazee defrauded Bank of America, Citibank, and HSBC in order to gain access to hundreds of millions in loans from the three banks.

Another interesting twist to the story is that Hassan Nemazee sat on the board of the American-Iranian Council, a group that has supported lifting sanctions on Iran, he resigned after just one year. Nemazee also helped found IAPAC, the Iranian-American Political Action Committee.

One question might be why would an influential lobbyist in the Iranian-American community go through such great lengths to defraud banks and face jail time just to be able to support Democratic candidates? Could it possibly be that those candidates look more favourable on the current Iranian regime?

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York and the FBI, Hassan Nemazee defrauded Bank of America for over $140 million dollars, while he took Citibank for almost $75 million; more than enough to remain a huge political fundraising player.

Nemazee used forged documents stating that he had assets and accounts that did not exist, the fake accounts and assets gave Hassan Nemazee a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He used this information to defraud the banks, garnering loans from the institutions.

Hassan Nemazee served as the national finance chairman for Hillary Clinton as well as John Kerry in his failed run at the Presidency in 2004. After Clinton lost in the primaries, Nemazee donated $50,000 dollars to President Barack Obama’s inauguration committee as well as raising almost $500,000 dollars for the President.

Anybody remember how much grief the Republicans took after the Jack Abramoff scandal? I’m sure nobody in the MSM will think twice about another tainted fundraiser/lobbyist since it happens to be on the other foot now.

Those who Hassan Nemazee raised money for including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have feverishly been trying to return the money donated.