Do you want a little perspective in life? Watch sick children on a daily basis. Trust me, your problems won’t seem so big then.

Is everyone finally ready to take Rudy seriously? Not that I am bragging, but I was early on that band wagon.

Everyone better be ready to take Mrs. Clinton seriously. After she names Obama as her Veep, they will be a very tough team.

The Bush team is still running around in circles on Iraq. I hate to type this, but he looks more clueless with each passing day. It is a shame really, because Iraq has really taken the attention away from an economy that is vibrant and strong.

OK, so John McCain manipulates Bush into a “troop surge”. I admire McCain’s service and sacrifice to this country. However, do we really want a guy who finished next to last in the Naval Academy dictating strategy? For me, that alone is enough to not get my endorsement. I know, he does not care. Fine.

When was the last time a Senator turned out to be a decent President? Has it ever happened?

So Libby goes to trial because his memory sucks but Berger gets off scot free after shoving classified documents into his underware and hiding them under a trailer? What the hell am I missing here?

Even if Global Warming is a farce (and it probably is), it is still not a bad idea to take care of the environment. Just saying.

Rush’s comments on Rex Grossman were beyond stupid. Thank God I am not a fan – of Rush or Grossman!

The Flyers trade Forsberg, the Sixers trade Iverson, the Eagles lose to the Saints and the Phillies can’t dump Burrell. Let the good times roll in Philly.

Motorists were stranded for 20 (yes 20!) hours on I 78 in PA and what was our Governor, Edward G. Rendell doing? He was watching a college basketball game. Hey, you gotta have priorities in life.

Another trip to a specialist in the AM. Perspective.