As we know, this past weekend President Obama went on a media blitz in an effort to pitch his health-care plan (although he snubbed Fox). He also made a somewhat controversial appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. During the interview, Letterman raises the issue of race in relation to the discussion and Obama replied with: “I think it’s important to realize that I was actually black before the election.” Really, thanks for pointing that out Mr. President.

Obama was trying to point out the fact that Americans probably aren’t really racists, after all they did elect him. However I found his answer to be fairly mild, why not take the opportunity to set some real ground rules. Obama’s skin color has had a real chilling effect on all Americans, from comedians to politicans, because every time we offer a criticism of the man we risk the very real backlash that may occur accusing us of being racists just because we challenged what the president did or say. A perfect example of this is the Joe Wilson statement “You lie”. This was spun into a story that this outburst was motivated by the fact that Wilson is a racists (no doubt because he’s from the south). Well, maybe he just thinks Obama is a liar, which he is.

So, Obama could have taken the opportunity to “lay a new foundation”. He is the one who made the claim that he wanted to start a new national dialog about race and become “post-racial” yet he allows his defenders and cohorts to continuously play the race card every time anything negative comes out against him. He could have told Letterman, “Look, let me be clear, not every criticism of me is racism. Nothing is more American then principled disagreement, so lets drop the use of race as a catch-all gotcha against anyone who is a Republican or who disagrees with me.” Or something to that effect. Instead, he basically voted present on the whole issue, made a joke about it and moved on to talking about heart-shaped potatoes.

The only good news for our side is that the constant accusations of racism are finally wearing thin. Only 12% of Americans believe that the opposition to health-care have any racial undertones. That is a good start. The terrible tragedy of the constant play of the race card is that those who use it are undermining it’s effect when real racism happens. It’s like the boy who cries wolf. If you call racism constantly, people will become deaf to your cries and then when there is true racism no one will care. Democrats don’t care about that, they just care about race-baiting that gives them any political clout.

Democrats: Race-baiting to win elections since the 1970s.

Here is some video of Obama on the Letterman show:

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