Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wants to meet with American dissidents when he visits the United States for the UN General Assembly and a G-20 summit later this month. Just call it a little bit of payback for when Barack Obama visited Moscow and met with Russian opposition leaders.

Dmitry Medvedev 98

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

You might remember that Russia was the first the challenge Barack Obama when he was sworn in as President of the United States. In fact, it was only hours after the inauguration that Russia’s President Medvedev gave a speech in which he basically told Obama that the United States and Russia would get along just fine as long as Obama does everything the Russians want him to do. As is evidenced by Obama’s recent actions, it seems that Obama has quite willingly backed down to any real or perceived pressure from the Kremlin.

Then, to make matters worse, Obama visited Moscow in July 2009. He had on his itinerary to meet with Russian opposition leaders during that visit. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Medvedev were not amused. To say that Obama received a chilly reception from them during his Moscow visit might be a bit of an understatement. All the same, both Medvedev and Putin met with him, if only briefly. One can only imagine how the meetings went, especially with Putin. The former KGB agent turned President and then Prime Minister of Russia would size up the new American president in a matter of seconds. Putin is a man who gleefully showed his new dog to President Bush and bragged that his dog was bigger than Bushes. He’s a man who hunts on horseback and fishes topless and proudly displays the pictures on the Kremlin website. He’s a man who became President of Russia through cunning, ruthlessness and sheer will.

Putin is the kind of man who has been tasked with salvaging his country that was destroyed by communism, an ideology that Obama was raised to admire. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the world saw a broken and desperate Russia that had long been hidden behind the iron curtain. Putin has amassed his own power and brought Russia back from the brink using methods most people don’t even want to think about. One can only imagine what he thought of the man who has never gotten his hands dirty and who’s interests are more in line with what a Frenchman might appreciate than what a Russian would understand.

It wouldn’t have taken Putin’s keen mind a minute to understand that the man sitting across from him was not a threat and was what one of his predecessors called a ‘useful idiot’. Putin told the media that he respected President Bush, even though they had to fight each other at times. He didn’t mention Obama.

Russia has continued to roll over the Obama Administration as evidenced by Obama making one concession after the next to Russian demands, including throwing the new democracies of Poland, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Georgia to whatever mercies Russia might or might not have.

Now Medvedev will be in New York City for the U.N. General Assembly and a G-20 summit on September 22 – 25. He has announced he wants to meet with American dissidents. Yet another way to insult the new American President for which they have such obvious contempt.

“I think I should speak to dissidents. Let them tell me what problems the United States has,” he told members of the Valdai international debate club on [September 15]. “That won’t be bad, considering the Soviet experience.”

I wonder what dissidents he is thinking of. People who have made their living being discontented with the United States, like Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell? People who are angry and hate the United States because it’s so much safer to hate the United States than it is to hate Russia, where dissidents and enemies of the Kremlin have a way of disappearing in the middle of the night, like The Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Maybe it’ll be people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who have made themselves wealthy keeping a portion of the population enslaved to victimization.

Or maybe it’ll be Middle America, the Tea Partiers, who want America to stay America and are not at all happy that we have a President who is trying to turn it into the former Soviet Union.

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