Apparently, Barack Obama is planning on slashing America’s nuclear arsenal. It seems that within his and his elite liberal friend’s life paradigm, if you are weak then the big guys won’t pick on you. I submit that view of the world doesn’t work very well in the real world.

Nuclear Peace Love

Sadly, we have to go to the European newspapers and blogs to get the real story on a lot of these issues. Specifically, the United Kingdom. I noticed that when Barack Obama hosted British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the White House shortly after he took office. Then it happened again when Obama and the Mrs. took to Beverly Hillbillies Go to Europe Tour. That would be the first time they went after he became President. The subsequent trips were much the same, but it was the first time that I really noticed the difference in how the news was being reported in Europe and how it was being reported here.

The American press was busy having their orgasmic slobbering love affair with the Obama’s, were simply basking in the afterglow and looking longingly and lovingly upon the objects of their affections during all these visits. The European press was not so taken with them. In fact, they were downright objective in their coverage. That would never do here in the States. They wondered if he didn’t have a Chief of Protocol to explain things like, you know, protocol to him. They wondered why The One thought the Queen of England would be interested in an iPod full of Obama’s speeches. They wondered why the Obamas gave such little thought to the gifts they gave to other world leaders while the Bushes had been so thoughtful in their gift giving.

They also wondered if Obama realized he wasn’t elected President of the world. He wasn’t, after all, their president, so why did he act as if he was. Little did they know that was, by all appearances, in his mind all along.

Now, Obama is acting on his dreams of a nuclear free world. While that is a marvelous dream, unfortunately, his vision seems to be disarming the good guys first (that would be us). I guess he thinks if he disarms the United States, then Russia and Iran will feel all bad about being the ‘bad guys’ and disarm voluntarily. Of course, he doesn’t indicate whether he thinks that will happen before or after they annihilate the United States and Israel. Small details don’t seem to be his forte.

Learn more about Obama’s nuclear free world dream and the foreign press’s irritating habit of being more honest than the American press at Jammie Wearing Fool.

Interestingly, at the same time that Obama is weakening America and announcing to the world that we are getting rid of our nukes, the top world nuclear watchdogs are reporting that Iran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb. Check it out at The Noisy Room. This should make all the liberals feel much safer now!

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