It seems that the Obama’s plan to fix Healthcare is just 4 minutes long. Or at least that is what David Axelrod, Senior Adviser to the President, tells me in this week’s White House email blast. Mr. Axelrod says that four minutes is all you need to learn what you get from health insurance reform. The Obama Plan in 4 minutes is about how long history will remember his accomplishments.

The biggest lie in the email is that millions of Americans can’t get insurance and another 14,000 lose their insurance every day. At that rate in one year 5,110,000 Americans will have lost their insurance and in the remaining 3 years Obama has left as President 15,330,000 will be without insurance. The grand total for all 4 years of Obama will be 20,440,000. I think they have the unemployment numbers and the uninsured numbers mixed up.

Like his “Plan” the numbers don’t add up and he still refuses to provide any real details. He continues to talk without ever saying anything and the media, Democrats and liberals are in such awe of him that it is scary.

hero jointaddress PS 0690

White House photo entitled “Hero Joint Address”

Have these people no shame? First they spend 8 months pitching healthcare reform without a plan. Then they changed it to Health Insurance reform and say they are working on a plan. Now they have a plan. Obama is truly the one if he can fix this non-crisis in 4 minutes. My question is why did he waste all this time if he could fix it in 4 minutes?

I suspect it is because his plan can’t be over 4 minutes because his followers can’t concentrate on any one subject for more than 4 minutes.

You decide. Below are the email and the 4 minute Obama Plan.

Dear Friend,

Four minutes — that’s all you need to learn just what you get from health insurance reform. Take the few minutes and watch now:

The details the President outlines in this video are those that every American needs to know. No matter your political party or whether or not you have insurance, his plan for health care security and stability matters to all of us.

Millions of American citizens cannot get health insurance — and 14,000 are losing their insurance every day. If we do nothing, half of Americans under the age of 65 will lose their health insurance at some point in the next ten years.

That’s not right. Plain and simple. For Americans with insurance as well as those without it, inaction is not an option. In America, no one should go broke because they get sick.

Bottom line — health insurance reform will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance, coverage for those who don’t, and will lower the cost of health care for our families, our businesses, and our government.

As the President says, now is the time to deliver the change we need on health care. Forward this email and make sure your family, friends and social networks take four minutes and watch this video.

Thank you,

David Axelrod
Senior Adviser to the President

The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes Video-Long on words-Short on Details

The Obama Plan in 4 minutes will be the pattern for every other reform Barry H. Obama has plans for. He has to make it short otherwise the liberal media, his staff, followers and congress won’t buy it. Too bad Obama is long on words and short on actions.