The CLSA Investors forum in Asia will feature former Republican nominee for Vice-President, Sarah Palin who will discuss China as well as other foreign policy subjects. This will be Sarah Palin’s first keynote speech outside the boundaries of North America.

Sarah Palin 761

The event will be closed to the media, which will likely cause a stir with the left. They have already painted Sarah Palin as someone who lacks knowledge about foreign policy and will no doubt use the fact of a media blackout to further that notion.

In actuality, the CLSA forums have been closed to the media in the past; their reasoning is that they want their clients to “get hold of as much industry-related information from the speakers as possible”. Somehow I don’t think that will sit well with the MSM.

Sarah Palin took it on the chin for not having the depth of knowledge about foreign policy as one might expect; when actually she demonstrated as much if not more foreign policy knowledge as Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Biden, if you’ll remember was supposed to be an expert at foreign matters.

Breitbart reports that Jonathan Slone, the CEO of CLSA, said that Sarah Palin was asked to speak on U.S. foreign policy, healthcare, governance, and China. Much of the media is already spinning Palin’s speech as a closed door session instigated by the governor. From CNN:

(CNN) – Sarah Palin’s speech to investors in China later this month will be closed to the media, organizers of the event confirmed to CNN Monday.

That’s just the first paragraph from CNN. They also go on to speculate about Palin possibly receiving six figures on the speaking circuit. I hope she is receiving a hefty sum, if Bill Clinton can do it, why not Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin did acknowledge that her speech would be “different” with the media in the room. The CLSA decided that their clients were more important than the possible media circus they would get with MSM types trying to prove how stupid Sarah Palin is.

No doubt there will most likely be a youtube video of Sarah Palin’s foreign policy speech about China and other issues that will be posted not long after the speech is finished. Sarah Palin is due to speak at the forum on Wednesday.