POST UPDATE 9/20/09: Update at bottom

Those who risk their lives to protect a country need to know that those in charge can be trusted to have their backs. That’s the gist of a letter sent to President Obama from 7 CIA directors who are petitioning the President to stop the Eric Holder investigation of the CIA.

Attorney General Holder

The letter sent by 7 former CIA directors spanning several administrations was signed by ex-chiefs Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, George Tenet, James Woolsey, John Deutch, William Webster, and James Schlesinger. The former CIA directors who signed the letter came from Republican and Democratic administrations going all the way back to Nixon.

Attorney General Eric Holder has decided all on his own (according to Obama) to proceed with criminal investigations of CIA interrogators who may have used enhanced interrogation techniques. Even current CIA chief Leon Panetta voiced his opposition to a Department of Justice investigation.

Simply using common sense, which those in Washington seem to lack, criminally prosecuting those in the intelligence community or the military whose job it is to protect us is the definition of insanity. Why would anyone want to continue doing that job with the fear of prosecution by their own government?

How can soldiers in the field of battle do their job for fear of prosecution for violating someone’s rights due to Obama’s need to appease the left? (See Obama’s Miranda ruling) The left in this country politicize everything. The CIA is (or should be) apolitical. Their job is protecting the United States of America; they can’t do that with a political witch hunt taking place.

The 7 former CIA directors know that Obama has the power to stop the investigation; whether he will or just continue to yield to Holder remains a mystery. Obama acts like he is the be all and end all in Washington and the country, but when it comes down to it, he loves to pass the buck.

Eric Holder is not doing anything without the consent of Barack Obama, anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. The probe into the CIA started when Nancy Pelosi and other democrats denied that they had prior knowledge to enhanced interrogation techniques that have been dubbed “torture” by the left. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House proceeded to say the CIA was lying. She has not apologized like Joe Wilson apologized.

Here is a particularly sobering excerpt from Fox News:

“Foreign services are already greatly concerned about the United States’ inability to maintain any secrets. They rightly fear that, through these additional investigations and the court proceedings that could follow, terrorists may learn how other countries came to our assistance in a time of peril,” they wrote. “As a result of the zeal on the part of some to uncover every action taken in the post-9/11 period, many countries may decide that they can no longer safely share intelligence or cooperate with us on future counter-terrorist operations.

Let’s hope that Obama will heed the request of 7 former CIA directors who have no other motive than the continued defense and safety of this country. Obama is the President, he needs to act like it.

UPDATE: On “Face the Nation” Obama says thanks but no thanks to the 7 CIA directors request. Ah, wishful thinking gets you nowhere.