It really isn’t unusual for Presidents of either political party to insert themselves into state politics especially in crucial races. What’s interesting about Barack Obama butting into the Governor’s race in New York is that we have one high-ranking Democrat, Governor David Paterson, who is actually saying NO to The One – at least so far.

Governor David Paterson

New York’s Governor, David Paterson, has apparently been thrown under Barack Obama’s very large but very packed bus. Paterson was asked to withdraw from the 2010 Governor’s race because the Obama administration is worried Paterson’s incredible unpopularity could hurt New York’s Democratic members of Congress and the Democratic-controlled state legislature during the mid-term elections next year. At least for now, New York Governor Paterson says he will run in 2010.

You’ll remember that David Patterson, the state’s former Lieutenant Governor became Governor just last year after Governor Eliot “Client #9″ Spitzer stepped down in a sex scandal. From his own sex scandal to his state’s legislative paralysis, his time as governor has been pretty unremarkable. The global financial crisis has hit New York hard, and the state has struggled with incredible budget shortfalls. Governor David Paterson’s approval rating has been horrible almost since the beginning of his term so is it any wonder that Obama would ask him to step aside?

Yet, at the African-American Day Parade in New York City this past weekend, the state’s first black governor said NO to the country’s first black president. He says he plans to run for a full term and bring New York out of its fiscal crisis.

It’s good to have goals but let’s see how long this defiance to Obama lasts especially in looking at recent Governor’s race match-up polls:

Rudy Giuliani beats David Paterson 52%-35% in a general election. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo beats Giuliani 52%-39%. Cuomo beats Paterson in the Democratic primary, 66%-20%. But wait! There is a bright spot for Governor Paterson’s chances – if the election were held today, he does beat Rick Lazio 39%-35%.

Of course, none of these men – other then New York Governor Paterson, says he will run in 2010. They are all just flirting with it. Personally, I think Paterson can only be bluffing at this point and will simply not be able to withstand the Obama machine. Besides, in this instance, the proof really is in the polls.

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