Earlier in the week we saw the Senate overwhelmingly vote to defund ACORN by a vote to 83-7 and I honestly wondered if the House of Representatives would even touch this. It turns out they decided to vote on defunding ACORN too! The House (through some sneaky maneuvers) voted 345-75 to discontinue federal funding to ACORN. You can read more about the details at Foxnews:

The Defund ACORN Act prohibits any “federal contract grant, cooperative agreement or any other form of agreement (including a memorandum of understanding” from being awarded to or entered into with the group. It also prohibits federal funds “in any other form” from being provided.

Surprisingly Barney Frank didn’t vote, shocking I know. So, the big question that remains is whether Obama will sign this legislation. Here’s a great chance for him to vote present (hello pocket veto).

It seems that Rep. Issia of California attached the defunding bill to the college student loan bill that is currently pending in the House. What isn’t clear is if anyone even knew that the amendment was attached when they voted on it. If not, that is a classic parliamentarian move!

The other question that remains is whether this “defunding” means that all appropriations directed to ACORN from here on out are discontinued or if this is just limited to current appropriations. Or, in other words, does Congress have to repeal this every year or do they have to pass a yearly amendment to each spending bill. There seems to be some confusing language and you can check out the debate here. I’ll update with more info as soon as I find out.

I find it interesting that the “right-wing” news sources have a lot to say about this subject of ACORN, but if you go to CNN or any other left-wing media sites (not mainstream, they have all decidedly left the mainstream this year) you will find nary a mention of this. This is an organization that is intimately associated with President Obama. You can see in this video here below that Obama said he hoped to work closely with ACORN to shape his presidential agenda.

Obama and Acorn

Yet, despite this close relationship no one seems the slightest bit interested outside of Fox News that so many ACORN employees are interested in human trafficking, child prostitution and tax evasion. Indeed, they seem to be eagerly willing to help any schmoe that walks in off the street violate any number of human rights.

As Charlie Gibson says, this is all just “noise”. Noise yeah, right. That Watergate burglary was just “noise” right? Imagine if Bush was even remotely associated with such a group, the left-stream media would be having a field day with this.