ACORN, Obama’s community organizing organization is a mess. Things are going downhill fast. For those of us who pay attention to the new, other than just reading the headlines and catching the 15 minutes of news a day most people get, we have known for a long time that ACORN is not exactly an exemplary organization, promoting the values that most of us hold dear.

Now, two journalism students have managed to do what the main stream media has refused to do, take a good hard look at the inner workings of that organization. Hannah Giles, 20-years-old and James O’Keefe, 25-years-old, deserve some kind of medal for saving the tax payers untold millions and for exposing this organization for what it is. Unfortunately, the powers that be would rather see them prosecuted for … something … probably for exposing corruption and criminal activity of a left leaning organization that has received close to a million dollars from Obama to help with his campaign and has actively worked to help get Obama elected.

Of course, doing what Giles and O’Keefe did takes a little bit of courage, something that the top paid journalist and reporters and media organizations of our time are woefully lacking in. Heaven forbid they actually put themselves on the line to expose a story that might actually be ‘investigative journalism’. Better to be popular and spout the party lines. We’d hate for the likes of Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams to actually get their hands dirty or do something that wasn’t in line with the socially accepted talking points of the day. They might not get invited to those elite high end cocktail parties if they do. That would be a shame!

So instead of depending on the same ol’ song and dance from the same ol’ in-crowd, we have two college students exposing one of the biggest scandals of our time. Silly old Charlie Gibson even said he’d not ever heard of the story. You remember him. He’s the one that wore those reading glasses and literally looked down his nose while he was interviewing Sarah Palin and doing his darnedest to make her look stupid. Which really made him look stupid. But then, it would have take some courage to do honest journalism at that point in time and liking Sarah Palin was and is certainly not popular in our society today.

As a result of the investigative journalism of these two students the Senate has voted to cut off funding for ACORN and the census bureau has decided not to use their services after all. ACORN has been forced to plan an internal investigation and the President and his men are throwing them under the bus with all his other questionable associations that have been exposed (plus his grandmother who probably didn’t deserve being thrown under there with the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Tony Rezko and the rest of Obama’s Chicago buddies).

Well, now that the main stream media has decided to tip their tiny toes into the huge ACORN story that’s been buzzing on the cable news and internet for a couple of weeks now, we find that at least one pretend journalist is pretty appalled that the main stream media has chosen to ignore the story.

Can you believe that Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart is taking this story on? He’s chastising the main stream media for ignoring it and is downright unbelievably horrified at the behavior of not one, not two, but five ACORN offices who give advice to what they believe to be a pimp and his underage prostitutes on how to set up their business and game the system.

Does it make you proud that the President has such close ties to such a despicable organization?

Well, he was birthed and breed on Chicago politics, after all. So what can we expect?

Jon Stewart’s hilarious take on the whole situation is in the video below.