What does a “trench coat-clad teenager” who killed five people at a mall in Salt Lake City have in common with the madcap SUV driver who went on a hit-and-run rampage in a historically Jewish area of San Francisco?

Well, Solomon Tolovich and Omeed Aziz Popal have the same bond with Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, another eccentric SUV motorist who attempted to kill students at UNC, and Naveed Afzac Haq, the askew fellow who shot six people at a Jewish community center in Seattle.

Like Joel Henry Hinrichs III, who blew himself up after a bungled suicide bombing attempt at a University of Oklahoma football game, all of these oddballs were practioners of the Religion of Peace.

Although Hinrichs attended a mosque in Norman where 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui once worshiped, and lived with five Pakistani nationals in an apartment filled with Jihadist literature, authorities would not call his self-detonation an act of terror, or even an attempt at terror. The news media spiked the story in short order.

Taheriazar told Chapel Hill police he acted in the name of Allah (may His name be praised) to avenge wrongs done to Muslims by infidels; however, no one would call his road rage anything other than an isolated act. The working press went back to sleep.

Politically correct chief constables in Seattle and San Francisco — who could not offer motives for the shooting of Jews or the thoroughfare carnage — quickly assured us there was no reason to suspect Islamo-fascists might be responsible for the mayhem. In Frisco the mayor went so far as to insist there was no evidence the killing spree was a hate crime. Federal officials, again, weren’t interested. MSM took another dive.

Your curious OSAPian wonders if cops in Utah confiscated and examined young Solomon Tolovich’s computer, what they found in his home, who he associated with, and if that information will be released or reported.

We can only speculate how MSM would have covered so many slapdash acts of violence over such a short period of time had the perps been unhinged white Christians and the victims Muslims … or blacks … or illegal aliens from Mexico … or homosexuals …

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