Missile Launch

Look Out Poland!

I knew this administration was going to be trouble, but I didn’t think they would sink to this depth of lunacy. Yet, it seems that the Obama administration has already sent officials to the Czech Republic and Poland to deliver the news that the United States intends to cancel construction of the missile defense sites that we had already promised to build. The Weekly Standard reports:

The administration intends to cancel completely the missile defense sites that had been promised to these governments by the previous administration. This represents a complete capitulation to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who had demanded that the proposed deployments be halted as a price for improved relations. Ironically, the Obama administration, which is appeasing Russia in the hopes that Moscow will help put pressure on Iran, has made this mammoth concession just a few days after Moscow declared that it had no intention of supporting sanctions against Iran.

This represents a complete and utter capitulation to Putin and an ever growing authoritarian government in Russia. The hope is to “improve” relations with Putin, yet they have no desire or intention of improving relations with us. This just shows more of Obama’s weakness and intention to not stand up to evil and protect allies when needed.

Furthermore this is a big middle-finger to our allies in Eastern Europe. The same allies with whom the word “Solidarity” is synonymous with as we stood by their side during the Cold War and supported after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The same allies who have tried to stand up to the Russians at great expense knowing that the United States would be there to back them. Instead we’re going to throw them under the bus and basically tell them that we value a supposed relationship with Russia more then freedom and Democracy.

If I were Israel right now, I’d be scared, real scared. Obama has no intention of helping you or your people stand up to Iran. He wants to be Neville Chamberlain the Sequel; Jimmy Carter Part Deux. Man, at this point I’d take some Jimmy Carter, it would be an improvement.

The Obama administration: Destroying alliances and appeasing thugs and dictators since 2009!