Ronald Reagan understood that evil in the world exists. He also understood the benefits of a strong missile defense to combat that evil. Barack Obama, apparently, not so much.

Vladimir Putin 266

Russa’s Vladimir Putin

Move over France – there’s a new surrender monkey on the block! Barack Obama has completely canceled plans for the U.S. to base an anti-missile defense system in Europe. The $4.5 billion program, which was endorsed by NATO allies – over opposition by their citizens and the loud cold-war whining from Russia – was to place 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar site in the Czech Republic. While we completely betray our allies who stood by us in the GWOT when others would not, the ones to benefit the most from Obama’s shameful surrender to Russia’s Putin is Iran.

You probably remember when Russian officials loudly complained to the Bush administration that the proposed missile defense shield threatened Russia’s security. The U.S. officials assured the ever-increasingly-paranoid Putin administration that the missile shield was to be aimed at Iran, with the intention of protecting Europe.

Now, we will instead deploy what The One says is “a better, cheaper plan” to defend Europe and the United States against the evolving missile threats from Iran. Of course, after 9 months of Barack Obama’s incompetent presidency, we painfully know what it means when he says something will be “better and cheaper”.

This change in policy is apparently predicated on supposed new intelligence estimates that confirm the threat of long-range Iranian missiles was not as bad as once feared during Bush’s two terms. Obama says the more pressing need now is protection from Iran’s medium and short-range missiles. I suppose that our Appeaser-in-Chief is hoping he will get Russian cooperation on everything from nuclear weapons cuts to efforts to curb Iranian and North Korean nuclear ambitions. Rots of Ruck with that! Putin has proven himself to be totally unreliable and unhelpful. We also know Obama’s record isn’t super reliable either.

This is all so curious to me and seems to be a huge turnaround in our thinking about national security and the protection of our allies. At the very least it is a huge propaganda victory for the ever creepy Vladimir Putin. Or, it can represent a significant weakening in our ability to fight back and defend ourselves from Iran’s ballistic missile program.

How does this relate to our alliance with NATO or our long-term commitment to defend Europe? And what about all those former Soviet satellites who just a few years ago, reminded us all about the cost of freedom and liberty? To this day, they are bullied by Russia.

I only hope that Obama’s shameful surrender to Russia’s Putin is a decision that we will not regret in regards to both the unhinged Iran and the now unprotected eastern Europeans. You can see photos and watch a couple of great videos below.

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