It’s been a real bad week for ACORN thanks to Andrew Breitbart, Glen Beck and This week has shown a rash of videos released from Baltimore and New York showing ACORN workers explaining how prostitutes and pimps can cheat the government and get federally backed loans. In this case the undercover team tells the ACORN worker in San Bernadino CA that they are importing underage girls from El Salvador for a prostitution ring.

Amazingly enough, the whack-job in the video, Teresa Kaelke, claims to have formerly run an escort “service” and admits to shooting and killing her husband in “self-defense.” She advices the would-be pimp to disguise their prostitution ring as a “Thai massage” parlor and to invest in a line of vitamins to disguise the location’s true purpose.

Here is a copy of the video:


More importantly, we get to see more shots of Hannah Giles strutting around like a hooker. Now that’s quality entertainment! I have a great idea for a “business” venture, let’s open an ACORN office and see if we can entice Miss. Giles to stop by and interview us!

The good news is that this has to spell the end of ACORN. As reported yesterday, the Senate voted 83-7 to cut off funding to ACORN, this is a good first step. Hopefully the House and the man who got his start with ACORN, President Obama, will confirm this vote and indeed cut off federal funding.

In some respects it is quite amazing that we have a president who is so closely tied to a group like this. Imagine if any Republican had connections to a group that is obviously as crooked and corrupt as ACORN is. The left would be merciless on them. Yet, go to and you won’t find nary a mention of this story, unbelievable.