What can you get with a $2.2 billion dollar line of credit? A whole lot of weapons, if you’re buying them from the country loaning you the money. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said in his weekly television propaganda address, that Russia had extended a multi-billion dollar line of credit to the socialist dictator to purchase Russian weapons.

Hugo Chavez

Last week Hugo Chavez visited Vladimir Putin in Moscow; we now know the reason why. Chavez claims of course that there is no reason to be alarmed because Venezuela doesn’t want to invade anybody. He does however continue to assert that the United States wants to invade Venezuela and gain control of their oil fields. Hey, that’s a great idea.

In his weekly television broadcast Chavez said:

“Thanks to the support of the Russian President (Dmitry Medvedev) and the Prime Minister (Vladimir Putin), the purchase of arms aimed at boosting our defensive capacity has became viable.”
Isn’t that what they always say? It’s for defense purposes only.

That’s right up there with North Korea and Iran’s big whoppers about nuclear technology only being for energy. The Venezuelan Russian arms deal appears to be in response to the United States relationship with Colombia, one of Chavez’s major threats in the region.

Colombia has allowed the United States access to military bases that would put us right in Chavez’s backdoor. The paranoid socialist thinks we’re coming for him.

Reports say that the arms deal includes 92 soviet-era tanks, as well as anti-aircraft, surface to air missiles. All in all it’s been a pretty eventful week for Chavez. First he attends the Venice Film festival with socialist dictator loving lefty Oliver Stone, then he whisks away to Moscow where he secures a $2.2 billion dollar arms deal with Russia.

This isn’t the first time that Venezuela and Russia have played footsie under the table. Venezuela and Russia have made a habit of trading arms for billions in recent years. As well as naval training together very close to home.

Mr. Obama, are you watching?

Photos: Photos: www.wenn.com