Awesome news for those who support the Tea Party Tax revolt, it was announced today that so far about 1.5 million people are at the rally. Look at this picture via Instapundit:


DC Tea Party

If this 1.5 million number is true this means that about 500,000 more people have decided to show up to protest this president then showed up for his inauguration. In fact, Michelle Malkin is reporting that estimated turnout is now 2 million people!

These Tea Parties are designed as a way for grass root Americans to get together to protest the spending policies of this current administration. It’s clear that the Obama Administration has very little clue about how to handle the economic crisis we are in. His reckless policies have included a pork bill, sold as a stimulus bill, that has done almost nothing to actually stimulate the economy. Remember when Obama and the Democrats said that bill had to be passed by Friday or the whole economy would go up in flames and we could have as much as 9.5% unemployment. Well, it’s been several months now, unemployment is at 9.7% and the stimulus/porkulus bill has done nothing.

These proud Americans are tired of a government (both Democrats and Republicans) who are unresponsive to the will and needs of “The People”. The whole point of this movement is to show our representatives that we are not going to take it any more. I think 2 million people is a good start, that’s nearly 1% of the entire population!

Of course, the MSM and the Obama administration have chosen to totally ignore this event, it’s like it’s not even going on unless you are watching Fox.


Here is a cool ariel timelapse of the crowd filling in the capitol, gives you some idea of what the crowds looked like: