One of the biggest concerns before the democrats passed the $787 billion dollar stimulus package was the possibility of waste and fraud. The big government liberals didn’t really see that as a problem when they were pushing for the huge spending bill that they deemed as an economic stimulus package. Now, low and behold, the government is concerned about stimulus fraud running rampant.

FTC warns of stimulus fraud

I suppose you could say “I told you so”, but what exactly would that accomplish? Especially when you’re dealing with an out of control government that believes they know better about everything under the Sun. Stimulus fraud was going to be a natural symptom of a bigger disease, big government spending.

The Federal Trade Commission has determined that what they call “opportunistic fraudsters” are scamming thousands of people by misleading them into thinking that they can have access to their share of the billions of dollars approved by congress for economic stimulus.

The head of the FTC, John Leibowitz testified before the real perpetrators that criminals were using the promise of grants and free cash, playing on the fears of those who are being hit hard during this tough economic climate. The real perpetrators by the way are congress.

Stimulus fraud is just too easy right now. People are worried and desperate in some cases and willing to do just about anything. The FTC and other law enforcement agencies are investigating stories of fake grant opportunities, work at home schemes and charity fraud. If someone’s desperate enough, you can tell them to send you $50-60 dollars to buy a book that explains how to access thousands of dollars in stimulus funds that they never have to pay back.

Unfortunately for us the American taxpayer, the government bureaucracies seem to think they can effectively manage almost a $ Trillion dollars in stimulus money and fraud not come into play. When will they ever learn?

Bloomberg says that the FTC has found that at least 270,000 people have been victims of stimulus fraud so far. Despite FTC warnings that people cannot receive government grants to pay off household bills and for vacations, victims continue to accumulate.

When it comes to stimulus fraud saying “I told you so” just doesn’t seem sufficient. This is exactly the reason the President’s healthcare bill needs to be stopped dead.