Hey, it’s time for a new Right Pundits Caption Contest!!! Caption the photo below.

in the corner

Caption it!!!

Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been otherwise occupied and haven’t done a caption contest in a while. But we are back and I think we have a good one this week.

I know some of you super creative types can come up with a great caption – so bring on the funny!

Winners will be announced in the next contest!

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obama teaching moment

…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st PlaceMaggie Mama: Sgt. Crowley as usual protecting and serving.
    Professor Gates demonstrating he really does need “help”. President Obama heading for the cameras.
  • 2nd PlaceRodney Dill: Obama: I believe strongly in giving every black man a helping hand.
    Crowley: Word
  • 3rd PlaceRon: the cameras are on me…sleeves rolled up, check…tie loosely knotted, check…c’mon you guys, hurry it up.

Congratulations to the winners!!! Play again next week!