Rudy Giuliani is running for president of the United States. In a year full of disappointments for the GOP, this is one expected piece of news that might give one hope.

I have before today slammed Giuliani’s chances to become our president. Since FDR, only ONE person has made it into the White House from a state outside of the South or West. Texas and California dominate as presidential farm teams. And that ONE president, by the way, was JFK and it took some ballot mischief for him to win.

And rather than a mere historical curiosity, there are reasons that only westerners and southerners get to be president. There are geopolitical reasons for it and there are intangibles. The South votes for their own. Westerners don’t trust people from the east, by and large, and the same is not true in reverse. A strong western candidate has broad national appeal. Outside the Beltway, eastern candidates just don’t normally cut it.

Can Rudy Giuliani’s fate be any different? Perhaps. He is certainly a national hero, and we like heroes out here in the west. We like plain talkers like Rudy. He doesn’t have the same feel as Mitt Romney, or shudder, when creepy George Allen was seriously getting discussed by obtuse people.

And sorry folks, but Hillary Clinton will be geographically formidable as a native daughter of Arkansas. She WILL have strong appeal along the Mississippi River states and key states out west like Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. Does Giuliani have enough appeal out here to swing any state? I don’t know, but I do know he ain’t gonna win New York state. And yeah, Hillary is the Democrat’s nominee. We can stop wasting space on Barack Obama and the collection of other media creations.

Others have written extensively about Rudy’s chances within the GOP primaries so I won’t rehash old arguments. Yes, he doesn’t appeal to social conservatives but that challenge is overstated in my view. Neither Reagan nor Bush I were social conservatives. Bush selected an under-qualified Dan Quayle as his running mate, and that pacified people enough to win. As for Bush II, well he talks the talk but he doesn’t walk the walk. He has achieved nothing of any note for social conservatives.

The chest-thumping and subsequent increased influence of the so-called “Christian Right” within the Republican party, after the 2004 election, corresponds directly with the GOP’s recent popularity decline. Life cannot be reduced to single-variable equations, so it is a mistake to blame the collective media-smear on George Bush, or to blame the 6th year itch entirely. The decline started directly after the ’04 election with the Terri Schiavo debacle. Can we even guess how much damage that did to the party?

Clearly the GOP thumping in the last election helps Giuliani enormously. You begin to lower your expectations. When you get hungry enough, winning becomes a lot more important than principles. And THAT is how the Democrats won the last election.

Read the news.

Former New York City
Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, acclaimed for his leadership after the September 11 attacks, confirmed he is running for U.S. president in 2008, eliminating any lingering doubt about his candidacy.

“Yes, I’m running,” Giuliani declared twice on Wednesday night on CNN’s “Larry King Live” show.

There have been doubts among Republicans about whether Giuliani was serious about a White House run in 2008.

National polls have shown Giuliani leads eight other Republicans, in part because of his steely and comforting leadership amid the chaos of the 2001 hijacked plane attacks that brought down New York’s most visible landmark.

Lastly, let’s give Rudy credit for NOT announcing his candidacy on YouTube! I’m sick of that gimmick already. No, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, YouTube does not make you cool. It makes you look a little childish and entirely un-presidential. No more bubble gum hipsters during the War on Terror, please.

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