Is your cell phone dangerous? Is your cell phone going to kill you? Thanks to a study conducted by an environmentalist watch dog group, you can decide for yourself if your cell phone radiation output is just too much to risk bodily harm. The Environmental Working Group conducted a study and now has a list of what they call the most dangerous cell phones on the market.

Cellphone radiation output

Funny how things that people love the most and can’t live without have the potential to harm them. In what appears to be another alarmist type study from a group whose only real objective is “saving the planet”, The Environmental Working Group tested thousands of cell phones to determine which phones gave off the most radiation.

What they found of course, is that different phones give off different amounts of radiation. I’m trying to figure out the angle of the environmentalist group. How exactly are cell phones a threat to the environment? Because we all know that everything people like, love or enjoy is a threat in one way or another to the precious planet.

Another story recently talked about the strange disappearance of honey bees, and yes the culprit was cell phone towers and the evil radiation that they emit. Now it’s time to scare the crap out of everyday people who rely on their cell phone, blackberry or PDA to communicate or conduct business.

The Environmental Working Group has actually compiled a list of best and worst cell phones. They are asking consumers to pick a phone which falls on the lower spectrum of radiation killers. From USA Today:

Houlihan says her group is “advising people to choose a phone that falls on the lower end of the (radiation) spectrum” to minimize potential health problems. The Samsung Impression has the lowest: 0.35 watts per kilogram, a measure of how much radiation is absorbed into the brain when the phone is held to the ear.

Is it possible that cell phone radiation output is causing brain and mouth cancer like this group claims? I don’t know, but now we have something else to worry about. Along with terrorism, healthcare, a socialist takeover of America, you can now add cell phone radiation output to the list. To protect yourself from cell phone radiation watch below.