Meet the debonair California State Assemblyman Mike Duvall, a handsome hunk of a man who likes to talk up his sex game in Sacramento. His sexual prowess was caught on tape in a viral YouTube video that is too good to miss so we bring it to our loyal readers as a public service complete with transcript.

MIke Duvall affair

As you marvel at Mike Duvall’s wedding ring, see the gigolo brag about his exploits with a utility lobbyist who was “speculated” as Heidi Dejong Barsuglia by the reserved people at Gawker Media. The video was released by a local television station in southern California, KCAL-9, which which rather humorously announces they are protecting their sources by fuzzing over his face for some reason that cannot possibly make sense.

As if he wasn’t in enough trouble already with his wife Susan Duvall and two impressionable children, he happens to be the vice-chairman of the California Committee on Utilities and Commerce, which happens to oversee the industry in which he beds. What a conflict of interest! Sex for favors? Who knows, but let the inquiries begin.

Remember the Spy Who Loved Me? It’s kind of like that cool James Bond movie in which the Rooskie girl hops in bed with the enemy only to be won over by Roger Moore’s manly charms. Which reminds me that Mike Duvall will soon be out of work in 2010 and will need a new profession. I hear that the movie biz needs a new 007.

Duvall is talking to a man next to him in committee into a hot microphone without realizing it is on. The best goody for all to hear is his bragging about spanking the woman in question who is 35 years old, but that is not the limit to his sexual conquests as you will hear. The naughty old fart is 54 years old himself. Who’s your daddy? We hope not Mike Duvall for the sake of Heidi Dejong Barsuglia. Sigh.

To top it all off the sexy congressman is a family values hypocrite who predictably the gay blogs are stomping all over today. Those guys are overstating their case however. A quick check of Duvall’s legislative history reveals that he has sponsored exactly zero bills that are remotely related to any social agenda.

Here is the transcript of the video you can watch below:

So,the other day she came here with her underwear. Thursday. And
 we had made love Wednesday. A lot.

So I am getting into spanking her. Yeahhhh, I like it! I like spanking her. She goes, “I know you like spanking me.” I said “yeah, that’s because you’re such a bad girl!”

She is all, “I am going 
up and down the stairs and you are dripping out of me!” So messy.

As you fine ladies dream of laying in bed with Mike Duvall, remember that your big night will soon become public knowledge so think twice.