This is a heart wrenching story out of the UK where socialized medicine is the order of the day. A premature baby dies simply because doctors could not help without “breaking the rules”. A little boy was born at 21 weeks 5 days, two days too early for UK doctors to help him survive.

UK premature baby dies

Jayden Capewell

Sarah Capewell, the young mother of the preemie, says that doctors told her that they were just following national guidelines, guidelines that wouldn’t allow them to help her premature son. In the UK, guidelines say that children born before the 22nd week of pregnancy should not be helped.

Medical guidelines for National service hospitals say that babies born before 23 weeks should not be given intensive care. So some panel of doctors or health professionals sat around somewhere and decided when a child’s life was viable, they evidently decided on 23 weeks. I thank God that my daughter was born right here in the USA, she was born at 22 weeks.

Well hooray for National guidelines, this UK premature baby dies because of rationing, cost cutting or some other state authorized excuse. That doesn’t really hold water when you’re a 23 year old mother spending the only two hours you’ll ever have with your son.

The doctors told Sarah Capewell to treat the birth as a “miscarriage”. Yes, I’m sure that worked, Sarah says little Jayden was breathing on his own, kicking, actually pushed himself over with his hands. Sounds just like a miscarriage to me.

A premature baby in Florida was born at 21 weeks 6 days in Florida and has just celebrated her 2nd birthday, the youngest preemie to ever survive. Sarah Capewell wishes her child had only been given the same chance.

When my daughter was born in 2001 at 22 weeks, I thought for sure she wouldn’t make it. She just turned 8 and has absolutely no physical or mental problems whatsoever. If you met her and didn’t know her story, you’d assume she had been born just like every other child carried to term. I thank God for the healthcare system we have that helped save her life.

So why did Jayden, the UK premature baby die when the girl in Florida just turned 2 and my own daughter born at 22 weeks just turned 8 years old? Well I won’t kid you and say a higher power wasn’t at work because it was, but the system for success is here in the USA; government run healthcare which has no regard for life or special circumstances was at work in the UK. Jayden was just a number, not a life worth saving.

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