Here are the winners of the August comment competition between Right Pundits frequent commenters. After dueling it out all month we are pleased that enlightened LisaB reigns supreme, with confusing Brian in second place and venerable TimV in third place. Congrats to them!

Honorable mention go to Flying Monkey, MDefl, and Ron. Just like the ponies, however, you have to win, place or show. You guys came this close.

Our top ten August commenters (excluding the writers who had their own competition):

1. LisaB = $300
2. Brian = $200
3. Tim V = $100

4. Flying Monkey
5. MDefl
6. Ron
7. Charles
8. Micky
9. Rhayader
10. (tie) Eph
10. (tie) Tina

Prizes can be claimed by emailing McCain at the email address you will find in the ‘contact’ page located in the sidebar. When you do, please verify the email address you used to comment. You must have a PayPal account to participate and you must by 18 years or older and reside in the United States in a state that allows this sort of thing.

Right Pundits is also making a donation of two-cents per comment, or $123.64 to the RNC for the 6,182 comments in August that made it by our odious sensors. To keep everyone happy a matching donation of $123.64 is being made to a helpful organization called which helps orphan kids in the Ukraine. You may hate the RNC but nobody hates orphans.

September is already underway so get cracking!