There’s something oddly more socialist about the Venice Film Festival this year. Michael Moore’s new documentary slamming Capitalism is being shown, and Oliver Stone’s Hugo Chavez documentary has actually drawn the presence of the socialist dictator himself. Chavez being so narcissistic, he couldn’t resist.

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Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone’s “South of the Border” is a sympathetic look at Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez; Stone feels that Chavez has been demonized by the American Media. I think by American Media he means right wing or right leaning media.

In the documentary, Stone interviews Chavez himself as well as several other presidents in the region. Just from the trailer it looks like Stone is going for the typical leftist position on Chavez and Venezuela, they’re good and we’re bad.

It’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish anymore the Hollywood elite from mainstream socialist activists. Danny Glover went to meet with Chavez before, and who can forget Sean Penn’s memorable visit with Iran’s Ahmadinejad? Why can’t Hollywood just do what they we’re meant to do; entertain us?

The New York Daily News reported in January that Stone said Hugo Chavez has “intoxicating energy”. Yeah, well so did Adolf Hitler.

Oliver Stone has made some great movies, as a matter of fact at one time he was one of my favorite filmmakers; “Wall Street”, “Platoon”, even “The Doors”. But in recent years he seems to have let his artistic talent go the way of political activism. W. was not a good film, it was simply made to criticize George W. Bush, and to effect the outcome of the 2008 elections.

Oliver Stone’s Hugo Chavez documentary is a cover for Obama’s agenda, nothing more, nothing less. Same with Michael Moore, socialism is the in thing in Hollywood these days, they see Obama’s agenda falling flat here in America, so they have to try and help the perception that socialism is a good thing. What better way than with a film, after all seeing is believing.

South of the Border Trailer

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