Is Capitalism evil? Michael Moore thinks it is, saying the capitalist system benefits the rich and condemns millions to poverty. Oh really? I wonder if he ever thinks about the millions he’s made because of capitalism? It seems to have worked pretty well for him!

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Michael Moore says Capitalism is evil

It’s once again time for all of us to endure annoying attention-seeking behavior from the ever-bloated film maker Michael Moore. In his new movie, ‘Capitalism: a Love Story’, he says Capitalism is evil – putting his own special spin on the causes behind last year’s government bailout of our banking system and financial crisis. From exploiting tragic personal stories to stupid publicity stunts, Michael Moore actually says he ‘detects the beginnings of a popular movement’ against unbridled capitalism, and believes Barack Obama’s presidency is the cause.

Yep, I agree and it’s called Socialism!

Wall Street gurus – the very ones that Michael Moore excoriates in this movie – will tell you that money or profit is simply a tool. It is ‘capital’. Without it there is no ‘capitalism’. Without capitalism, innovation and creativity is stiffled; that ‘next great idea’ is forgotten; and all those talents and gifts that God gave you are cast aside. There is no prosperity; all boats do not float; and societies as a whole do not thrive.

Michael Moore, who has himself enjoyed the benefits and lifestyle of capitalism, was treated like a rock star in Europe at both the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals recently – enjoying the lavish parties, the good food, and exchanging small talk with all those like-minded beautiful people there.

In making ‘Capitalism: a Love Story,’ he says that he considered himself a proxy for the “millions of Americans who would like to be placing crime scene tape around Wall Street.” This coming from a man who has made millions of dollars and a string of successful movies.

Yes, that evil Capitalism has been very good to him.

So, now that Michael Moore’s new movie ‘Capitalism: a Love Story’ says Capitalism is evil, how many people do you think will believe it? You can see photos and watch the trailer video to his movie below.

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Michael Moore’s New Movie ‘Capitalism: a Love Story’ Trailer Video

Photos:; Michael Spleet; Ray Filmano; Sam Wilson.