President Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones controversy is escalating to the point that a prominent Republican has asked the Obama advisor to resign. Rep. Mike Pence a ranking member of the Republican caucus has urged Van Jones to step down from his post after controversial statements Jones made about the Bush Administration and 9/11.

Van Jones

More Trouble for Van Jones?

Overall the mainstream media has left the Van Jones controversy alone; to date, the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS have allocated 0% coverage of the controversial Obama czar who once proclaimed himself a communist.

Republican Mike Pence said in a statement asking for Van Jones resignation:

“Given recent revelations concerning the associations and statements of the president’s green jobs czar, Van Jones should resign his position and if he is unwilling to do so, the president should demand his resignation. His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this Administration or the public debate,” Pence said.

“The Constitution of the United States vests Congress with the responsibility to advise and consent in the appointment of high ranking officials by the president. To date, President Obama has appointed more than thirty individuals to ‘czar’ positions within his Administration without permitting the Congress or the American people to properly examine their backgrounds or public records.”

The Van Jones controversy began when talk radio host Glenn Beck began to expose Jones for his ties to radical extremist groups and for his statement that he was once a communist. A Van Jones founded group, Color of Change, then began to target Beck sponsors to boycott the host.

Van Jones also made controversial statements about republicans, calling them a%$ holes, now the revelation this week that he signed onto the left wing’s truther movement which says that the Bush Administration allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks for the purposes of going to war.

President Obama for the most part has kept himself clear of his green jobs czar’s problems. It’s doubtful however that he will be able to keep silent as long as the Van Jones controversy escalates the way it has over the last couple of weeks.

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