I spend 7 days in the ICU on a ventilator with pneumonia from complications with medicines I take for diabetes which caused a reaction and caused me to stop breathing. I am home now and recovering. It got me to thinking about all the rhetoric about Health Care reform that was spoken during this summer’s fight. It was the best health care in the world saved that my life.

It was not some Washington Bureau Chief repeating the White House talking points.
It was not some Nightly News Anchor still gets tingles in their legs when Obama speaks.
It was not a current resident of the White House.
It was not a former resident of the White House.
It was not a future resident of the White House.
It was not my representatives in Congress.
It was not the late Sen. Edward Kennedy or soon to be late Robert KKK. Byrd.
It was not the Department of Health.
It was not some career government employee counting the days till the pension starts.
It was not the head of the RNC or the DNC.
And it was not my insurance company to which I pay a monthly premium to for just such an incident.

The Doctor Luke Fildes
Healthcare a century ago may be the future again.

None of the people listed above had anything to do with me recovering.

It was my 66 year old sister Jean who simply knew how to be a mom and came and set and held my hand and talked to me.
It was my wonderful wife Karen that never left my side until I was off the machines and awake.
It was my family and friends gathered at the hospital that did the crying, praying, and encouragement of the medical staff and each other.
It was the tireless efforts of doctors and nurses that worked to save my life.
It was the Manager of the local Red Robin Gourmet Burgers who after hearing of my plight gave my wife a gift card along with her meal, a simple kind act given to a stranger.

In the end I did awake because of my fight to stay alive and the efforts of friends, family, health professionals and people I have yet to meet. But then we Americans have the best of what some in the world think we should not have.

And yet we have enough people willing to fight the few who think healthcare care reform is as simple as those that believe re-inventing the wheel will solve our energy crisis. I know it was the best health care in the world that saved my life. Thank you very much but don’t fix it.