What Obama wants Obama gets, right? Not necessarily. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu plans on moving forward with 2500 new housing units in the disputed West Bank area. The White House rebuked Israel’s plan for the settlements expressing “regret” that Israel plans to move forward with the settlements.

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In the beginning of the peace negotiation process, Obama had warned Israel that further construction in settlement areas could hinder the process. He warned Netanyahu not to allow any further growth in those areas. After all, that’s what Obama’s all about, hindering growth.

Now comes word out of Israel that Netanyahu plans on halting growth, but only after allowing hundreds of new housing units to be built. The Israeli Prime Minister said that he felt that the request by Obama to stop growth would disrupt “natural life” in those areas.

Obama has been more than willing to listen and succumb to pressures from Arab communities regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With Israel, not so much; the White House isn’t alone in condemning Israel’s decision, the European Union and the Arab League are against it as well. Big surprise.

I love this statement from the LA Times regarding the continuation of the settlements by Israel:

Settlements and armed Palestinian militants are perpetual stumbling blocks in peace talks, the most recent round of which broke off in December. A U.S.-backed plan, the 2003 “road map,” called for steps to rein in both. Israel accepted it with reservations and continued to expand its settlements, which most countries consider a violation of international law.

So in the mind of the LA Times and I venture to say most leftists, the Israeli settlements are on the same scale as “armed Palestinian militants”. Unbelievable. The White House rebuke of the Israeli settlements let us know exactly who’s side Obama is on. I haven’t heard a public rebuke of armed Palestinian militants, have you?

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