We always knew he wanted to be president so now, with Barack Obama on his second vacation in two weeks, Joe Biden is the unofficial acting President. Gulp. Read more below, see some great photos and a fun video.

Joe Biden Barack Obama

Joe Biden and Barack Obama working for you!

It’s really quite understandable why Barack Obama is basically MIA – even keeping his beloved media at bay. His poll numbers have been dropping fast all summer. And except for that brief speech at his brother, Ted Kennedy’s funeral, we haven’t seen much of him. He’s a man who needs a wee bit of R & R – Martha’s Vineyard last week and Camp David this week. But never fear, the competent Vice President Joe Biden is Acting President While Obama Vacations Again!

Joe Biden. There is just so much one could say isn’t there? For certain, he is a man who sees opportunity and takes it. While Obama is laying low, our unofficial Acting President, Joe Biden, is making the most of it. Borrowing TOTUS, Joey gave a speech at The Brookings Institute, which is a liberal-leaning public policy think tank in DC, Biden took credit for the “successes” incurred by the Obama Administration $787 Billion porkulus package. He even fielded questions on Health care reform – something The One hasn’t done for weeks.

And our Acting Vice President takes his job very seriously. He said this to the audience at Brookings:

“Every week — with notable exceptions — I hold a Cabinet meeting. And most of the Cabinet secretaries attend,” he told the audience in Washington.

“I made it clear that our focus had to be, in the first 100 days, accountability, transparency and responsiveness. I wanted each of those Cabinet secretaries to set up systems where they would have a high degree of confidence that as they implemented what they were in charge of, it would be done effectively and efficiently.”

It is painfully clear, that with Barack Obama in hiding vacationing again, Joe Biden is enjoying his time as our Acting President. God help us all.

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The Best of Joe Biden’s Gaffe’s; A Continuing Series…

Photos: www.wenn.com; White House Official Photographer; Carrie Devorah