Intriguing is how I would categorize the possibility of a Curt Schilling Senate campaign. The former Major League Pitcher that helped the Boston Red Sox win the 2004 World Series said that he was interested in the possibility of running to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.

Curt Schilling senate

Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling is a registered Independent but has supported Republicans publically. He would face a stiff challenge trying to turn the Kennedy Senate seat red. Ted Kennedy was a member of the Senate for 47 years, democrats in Massachusetts aren’t going to let that seat go easy.

The Curt Schilling senate possibilities arose after the Cy Young award winning pitcher blogged about the possibility, saying that his family and his video game company were high priorities. From Schilling’s blog:

“I do have some interest in the possibility.”

“That being said, to get to there, from where I am today, many, many things would have to align themselves for that to truly happen,” he added.

Schilling campaigned for George W. Bush in 2004 and McCain in 2008, he has a strong following in Boston and Massachusetts as a whole; if, and that’s a big if, you were going to steal the Ted Kennedy seat back a Curt Schilling senate bid would be ideal.

A special election will be held January 19th to fill the vacant seat. Curt Schilling gave no timetable or gave any indication as to when or if he would make a decision to run for Senate. I hope he runs, he’s 42 years old, he has personality, and people like him. Not to mention he would be the most conservative senator that Massachusetts has seen in a long time.

A Curt Schilling senate bid would be quite entertaining, he would most definitely give the democrats a run for their money. At the very least, the people of Massachusetts might actually get to debate important issues without the Kennedy liberal rubber stamp.

Curt Schilling for Senate Video

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