Yoga. Just the thought makes me want to scream. But now I may actually have a good reason; a lawsuit alleges that a Dahn Yoga cult swindled unsuspecting participants out of thousands of dollars. 24 plaintiffs say that they were brainwashed and psychologically manipulated into spending thousands as well as pressured into “thought reform techniques”. I have no idea what that is.

dahn yoga cult

I feel so peaceful, you know?

The Dahn Yoga organization has been around for over 30 years and has 1,000 locations Worldwide. The organization was founded by Ilchi Lee a 58 year old Korean who is a philosopher by trade. Sounds fishy from the get go. But is it a Dahn Yoga cult?

It is quite possible that Dahn Yoga is more than a yoga class, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit say that they signed up for yoga and got much more. Cult like visionary Ilchi Lee was focused more on humanitarian world peace than exercise. This is from the Dahn Yoga website describing what is called “Master Healer Course”:

From which you can acquire the way to master yourself, life, and world. It consists of three steps in order to affirmatively answer the following questions: “Am I the master of my brain?” “Am I the master of my life?” “Am I responsible for the world?”

The Master Healer Course was designed not only for healing, but also completion of the soul. One theme of the Master Healer Course is “From health to Enlightenment.” You will begin training by making your physical body stronger and
healthier, and progress at your own speed towards realizing the final goal of Dahn training, ChunHwa.

It sounds a little strange to me, Dahn Yoga’s cult like language is seen throughout the website. I don’t know much about yoga itself, but if it’s anything like this Dahn Yoga version count me out. Wait a minute, I did try yoga a couple of times on the Nintendo Wii. Does that count?

One woman claims she spent $47,000 dollars to be brainwashed by the Dahn Yoga cult. Man, I think I could get brainwashed a lot cheaper than that. Representatives for Dahn Yoga claim that it’s just disgruntled employees with an axe to grind and that millions have benefited from Dahn Yoga.

Looks to me like Ilchi Lee has benefited from the Dahn Yoga cult, I mean Dahn Yoga.

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