Oliver, the first baby in the world using a new egg-screening technique was born to a 41 year old British woman after 13 failed attempts at in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Read more about it below and see a video.

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Oliver: The First Egg-Screening Baby is Born

A 41 year old British woman after suffering two miscarriages and 13 failed attempts at in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), became the first in the world to conceive using a pioneering new egg-screening IVF technique. She has given birth in Britain to the first egg-screening baby born in the world, and his name is ‘Oliver’.

Baby Oliver was born two months ago after doctors screened his mom’s eggs for chromosomal abnormalities and identified two that had a good chance of leading to a successful pregnancy.

This egg-screening in-vitro fertilization technique allows doctors to check a woman’s eggs for defective chromosomes, the structures that carry the human genetic code. Having the wrong number of chromosomes can cause an embryo to miscarry, or lead to serious medical conditions such as Down’s syndrome. Up to half the eggs of young women and up to 75% of those in women over 39 have abnormal chromosomes.

The technique has the potential to dramatically reduce the incidence of miscarriages and multiple pregnancies in IVF patients and could potentially help to screen against birth defects. This fact however is controversial with pro-life supporters who see fertilized embryos as the beginning of life.

But for now, there is more good baby news! Five other women, all of whom have a history of unsuccessful IVF treatment, are now pregnant after receiving the same egg-screening treatment as Oliver’s mom.

“All the team at Care have been waiting for this very special baby to be born,” said Professor Fishel. “Oliver’s birth is an important landmark in shaping our understanding of why many women fail to become pregnant.”

This egg-screening treatment that was critical in Baby Oliver’s conception and birth, is currently only available at Care Fertility, Britain’s largest independent provider of assisted conception. For more information, watch a great video about the First Egg-Screening Baby Born (Oliver) below.

Baby Oliver, First Egg-Screening Baby Born Video